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Quick and dirty ReactiveX example

1 min read
Event-driven architectures have been around for a while and lately its use has become popular in environments such as Node.js. One of the most expressive and graceful implementations of these ideas is ReactiveX. It was created from the idea of interfacing thre…▷ read more

60 seconds to TDD

1 min read
This quick tutorial presents a minimal setup with Python to start coding using TDD. It only requires two lightweight dependencies nose and when-changed available through pip . Install and run sudo pip install nose sudo pip install when-changed The following…▷ read more

Keeping a Journal

2 min read
Journaling is very powerful tool to record your thoughts, events, ideas, people you meet, goals, quotes or basically anything that matters to you. It can help you grow in every aspect of your life. Powerful negative emotions are diminished by writing ... capt…▷ read more