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Basicsmove k h l j move between words words! _a_re words w words! are _w_ords e words! ar_e_ words b words_!_ are words B _w_ords! are words multipliers number + [h, j, k, l , w, e, b] 5h wor_d_s! are words…▷ read more

Tech radar

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Interactive visualization of technologies and how they fit in past, present and future projects— based on the technology frontier radar by thoughtworks. It will be updated twice a year or so. For the best experienced go to https://cdvel.github.io/tech-radar…▷ read more


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BasicsReleased in 2001, data serialization language for humans, familiar to python, ruby, perl. Has scalars, lists, arrays, indentation, dashes, colons are data structures — used for config files and storing data Human centric, portable, matching data structur…▷ read more