César D. Velandia

Posture Management

Cloud security posture management

What is it?

Cloud security posture management validates your configuration in cloud environments (usually public clouds), it includes but not limited to:

  • Auditing and monitoring of cloud infrastructure
  • Real-time threat activity monitoring
  • Flag misconfigured settings, e.g., exposed assets, unencrypted data at rest, overpermissive privileges, unexisting 2FA, untested DR policies.
  • Enable remediation via automation and on demand processes


  • Variety of infrastructure assets makes it difficult to put together a comprehensive strategy
  • Setups usually span multiple regions, vendors, services increasing difficulty to manage
  • Mature services might have a a large number of configuration options
  • Operations via multiple stakeholders with competing priorities, e.g.,  Devs, Sec team, infra team.
  • Fluid environments with regards to infrastructure, versions, setup, operators
  • Compliance, regulations, standards etc.


  • Build into compliance requirements, visibility across multiple clouds to aggregate security in a single dashboard
  • Shift left in security by evaluating infrastrucutrue using scanners, automated report features, validators, authorizations, and infrastructure as code (i.e., configuration drift, compliance)
  • Monitoring events that might impact security such as configuration changes, API calls– and implement secure default rules
  • Use third party reports and checks across all infrastructure: CIS Benchmarks, HIPPA, PCI, NIST, AWS Well-Architected Framework, etc.
  • Combine auto remediation and manual fixes that stay consistent and are timely applied
  • Leverage external tools that can be integrated and updated across providers, tools, authentication methods via API, SDK, Plugins, etc.

PostureManagementVisibleFixableScalableEasy to integrateSupport for multi-cloud setupsextensible and secureUse well-known benchmarksContinuously enforce policiesReport complianceAddress configuration issues rapidlyAutomatic + Manual fixes to infraReporting and monitoring near real-time